Communication Coaching

MOTIS is guiding and supporting managers, leaders, executives and individuals to become excellent communicators.

MOTIS Communication Coaching enables:

  • Developing and improving verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Increasing efficiency in face-to –face and telecommunication (telephone, video-conference, etc)
  • Improving personal communication style: voice and intonation accounts for 38 percent of communication
  • Increasing effectiveness in oral presentations from groups to a large audience
  • Communicating through emails formally and informally
  • Enhancing public speaking confidence: giving interviews on television, radio, press-conference
  • Being effective in international communication and in dealing with other cultures
  • Improving body language that accounts for 55 per cent of communication

We organize Communication Coaching:

  • In one-to–one sessions
  • In small-group sessions
  • Using audio/ video techniques
  • Pre-evaluation, feedback, progress evaluation throughout the coaching process and follow-up

“Spending your days in front of a computer destroys your verbal communication”
S. Sanghera – FT journalist