Personal Coaching


MOTIS Personal Coaching enables:

  • Detecting inner resources and using them to overcome obstacles by finding OWN solutions to achieve desired outcomes
  • Increasing self-motivation and commitment to better motivate and inspire others
  • Learning and developing self-awareness and self-management for personal growth and life balance
  • Better managing challenges in personal life and career to reach the goals
  • Recognizing and analyzing positive events in professional and personal life in order to move forward

We organize Personal Coaching:

  • One-to one sessions
  • In-company and/or off-company coaching sessions in a neutral environment where confidentiality is 100% assured (café, restaurant, hotel lounge, public garden, etc.)
  • ‘Walk and talk sessions’
  • ‘Visit and talk sessions’
  • ‘Bicycle and talk sessions’
  • ‘Trek and talk sessions’
  • Personality pre-evaluation
  • Feedback and evaluation throughout the coaching process
  • Progress evaluation and follow-up

NOTE: MOTIS Personal Coaching is NOT a substitute for psychotherapy, psychoanalysis or mental health care! MOTIS Personal Coaching is NOT providing any treatment or therapy!