Business Coaching

MOTIS Business Coaching enables:

  • Facilitating management to recognize talent and key-staff to keep in his organization
  • Providing a constructive work environment by raising behavior awareness at workplace
  • Stimulating corporate to better manage employee well-being, and particularly work-related stress as a significant issue
  • Creating corporate and business people the opportunity to clarify their vision of work and success
  •  Supporting, corporate and organizations to differentiate themselves from competition by maximizing effectiveness and performance of their workforce

We organize Business Coaching:

  • In one-to–one sessions where and when the client needs and is available
  • In small-group sessions
  • In a safe environment where confidentiality is 100% assured
  • In short or long-term session, the length depending on requirements of the client
  • Pre-evaluation, feedback throughout the coaching process, evaluation and follow-up